Popular Battle Royale Game Genre has Garena Free Fire Reigning Supreme

garena free fire have existed for quite some time. The combination of action, exploration, and hunting for material and equipment seem to be the perfect combination for an all-around exhilarating game. The first “battle royale” game is probably Bomberman which was published in the 90s, but the genre was only ever able to establish its core concept due to the Japanese action thriller 2000s film Battle Royale. The movie basically established the key rules of how battle royale games will be played out - scavenge and survive.

One of the most prevalent games right now are battle royale games. Garena Free Fire acknowledged the sustained popularity of the genre and used it to their advantage which resulted in the game being the most downloaded in 2019. This is despite the fact that the market is overcome with heavy-named games of identical category.

Garena Free Fire, also referred to as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire, is a third person shooter online battle arena game that was created by digital games servicing giant Garena International. On September 30, 2017, mobile game Garena Free Fire was unveiled. Even though it was released almost three years ago, the game managed to sustained its popularity. With its 500 million downloads and over a billion dollar profit, Garena Free Fire is certainly “at the top of its game”. To carry out this, the game had differentiated itself from its peers in several ways.

Perhaps the defining characteristic of Garena Free Fire are its game modes which is the essence of in-game excitement. The quickness in accomplishing a single game is one of its primary features. Because the players for the classic mode would only be 50 people and the map is smaller, the games would naturally be shorter and more intense. Moreover, there are three maps that the playerscan select. Clash Squad is one other game mode where two teams with 4 players each can battle it out within seven rounds. Rampage pass is a mode where players have to select from Bringers and Liberi and accomplish missions.

Possibly the game’s most defining feature is the playable characters in the game. Usually in other battle royale games, players may only modify their characters up to a degree. These are commonly in terms of gender or cosmetics. The 24 characters that are available in Garena Free Fire is what made the game an exceptional one. Each one of these characters their very own special skills that is best used in parties.

You do not have to completely differentiate yourself from others to achieve victory in your field. Maybe if you merely improved your already stable design, you could easily achieve and sustain the path to success. This is exactly the method that ensued the success of Garena Free Fire. The game found the ultimate recipe of excitement, trendiness, and expert mobile game development that allows easy playing, addictiveness, and full immersion.

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